Thursday, August 5, 2010

Business trip

So I'm away for my yearly meeting.  Last year it was in beautiful Las Vegas, this year it's in scenic Atlantic City.  I'm treating my hotel like a resort out of the country in a questionable neighborhood: Do not leave the hotel.  This is my first time in a while being away from my wife for work, she came last year.

This is my second yearly meeting with this company, I've been to 4 with my last company.  The environment is a bit different, instead of dealing with the police for noise and alcohol complaints I'm going to sleep early and trying to figure out what to do with my free time.  I remember one meeting with my old company we went straight to a day of meetings from the bar, truly epic.  They split the region into 3 groups this year, not really much to do... I guess that's a good thing given my past years.

Views from my room:

This guy puts his name on everything, I don't know if I'd trust his haircare products:

These meetings are all business, numbers, charts... Fun stuff!  At least it's a few days out of the lab and away from customer problems (in person, my email is still on fire!)  My wife came last year and probably partied more than me, I wish she was here this year but I was flat left for some little blog conference thing.

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Silly antics to follow